Hypothesis-Driven Research Collaborations

Collaborative Hypothesis-Driven Research Grants, Fiscal Year 2014

This research grant is for Fiscal Year 2014.  The grant monies will be available from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014

Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria

  1. Grants are available to fund collaborations between at least one (1) faculty from the UDM School of Dentistry and one (1) faculty from another UDM College or School.
  2. Proposed projects must focus on hypothesis-driven research. 
  3. The funds must be designated for the direct support of research. In general, funds should be used for supplies, small equipment, and support of research assistants (graduate or undergraduate).  Course releases are also an allowable expense.
  4. Faculty requesting a course release cannot request in excess of contract stipulated funding (i.e. no overload), nor in excess of adjunct faculty pay for the college/school where the faculty resides.  A course release, by definition, can only be used toward on-term, required contract loads.  Faculty cannot request off-term stipend support.  If you are requesting a course release, please attach a letter of approval from the dean's office.  This letter should indicate the dean’s approval for you to buy out of the course and the amount of funds required to pay another instructor (overload pay for regular faculty or adjunct pay). 
  5. The primary criteria for funding will be significance, innovation, the quality of the research approach, and the potential for future external funding to sustain or further develop the program (please see the evaluation rubric for additional detail). Proposed research must have the goal of using the award as a springboard to obtaining long-term support from federal/external sources.
  6. All applicants are required to have appropriate approvals (IRB or others) before an award will be issued. Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for appropriate approvals at or prior to the time of submission. This will ensure that the study is approved by the start date of the award. Approval confirmation or proof of a submitted approval application is required at the time of award.

Application Process

These are one-year awards of up to $10,000 with a start date of July 1, 2013.  Proposals may be partially funded. 

The proposal should contain the following information: 

  • Cover page
  • Research plan, maximum 6 page limit, single-spaced
    • Specific aims
    • Background/preliminary data
    • Research methods
    • Significance
    • Explanation of how proposed study will be the basis for future funding
    • References
    • Curriculum Vitae for both researchers
    • A list of any current and/or pending support, including federal and non-federal
    • Detailed budget (please use attached excel spreadsheet)
      • Research personnel (Co-PIs, students, lab staff, technicians, etc.)
      • Research materials and supplies (reasonable and project specific)
      • Small equipment (less than $2,500)
      • Other costs (reasonable and project specific)
    • Narrative budget justification – 1 page

Please follow these guidelines for documents:

  • 11 point font, Arial, Times, Courier New, Calibri
  • Single-spaced
  • One-inch margins

This application must be submitted via e-mail to Cate Caldwell, Director of Sponsored Programs, at caldwecr@udmercy.edu by Monday, June 3, 2013 at 5:00pm.  Please submit the grant proposal as one .pdf file, other than the budget sheet which should be submitted as an excel file. 

Proposals will be scored according to an Evaluation Rubric, which is similar to that used by the NIH and other federal agencies.

If you have any questions about the proposal guidelines, contact Cate Caldwell at 313-993-1544 or caldwecr@udmercy.edu or Michelle Wheater at (313) 494-6634 or wheatemi@udmercy.edu

This research grant is funded through the generosity of the UDM School of Dentistry.