Gary Kuleck

Gary Kuleck, PhD                         

Department:  College of Engineering and Science

Agencies/Organizations Which Have Funded Dr. Kuleck's Work: 

  • National Science Foundation
  • Keck Foundation
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission
  • Air Force Office of Sponsored Research

Keywords for Research Interests:  environmental microbiology, undergraduate research, engineering education, wetlands ecology, sustainability, environmental impact antibiotic resistance

Recent Publications:

Kuleck, G.A., Dorsey, Cummings, D., J., Leary*, C.T,  (2012) Urban Coastal Wetlands as reservoirs of antibiotic resistance. Cities and the Environment (CATE), manuscript under review, February 2013.

Kuleck, G., Dorsey, J., Leary*, C., and Kawecki*, S. (2013) The Prevalence and Distribution of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in the Ballona Wetlands, Del Rey Lagoon and Ballona Creek Watershed, Manuscript in preparation, 2013).

First-Year College Students Engaged in Research:  The Impact of the SEA-PHAGES Course (multiple authors, manuscript in preparation, 2013).

Shaffer, C., Alvarez, C., Bailey, C., Barnard, D., Bhalla, S., Chandrasekaran, C., Chandrasekaran V., Chung, H.-M., Dorer, D., Du, C., Eckdahl, T., Poet, J., Frohlich D., Goodman, A., Gosser, Y., Hauser, C., Hoopes, L., Johnson, D., Jones, C., Kaehler, M., Kokan, N., Kopp, O., Kuleck, G., et. al. (2010) “The Genomics Education Partnership: Successful Integration of Research into Laboratory Classes at a Diverse Group of Undergraduate Institutions”, CBE Life Sci Educ 9(1): 55-69 2010.

Lopatto, D., Alvarez, C., Barnard, D., Chandrasekaran, C., Chung, H.-M., Du, C., Eckdahl, T., Goodman, A.L., Hauser, C., Jones, C.J., Kopp, O.R., Kuleck, G.A., (2008) “The Genomics Education Partnership (GEP): An Inclusive Model of Undergraduate Research”, Science 322:684-685.