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Advising at UDM faculty advising

Students are responsible and accountable for knowledge of the requirements, procedures and regulations set forth in the Catalog. Advisors, counselors, faculty and administrative staff may assist students by explaining requirements and procedures in individual instances. However, the ultimate responsibility for compliance with procedures and requirements rests with the student.

Role of the Academic Advisor

The academic advisor is a central figure in the development of the student’s academic program at UDM. Students must consult with and obtain the approval of an academic advisor in the development of their schedules for each term, when changing courses (adding or dropping), for clarification of academic policies and procedures and when contemplating changes in their major program or curriculum.

Advisor Assignment

advisors are drawn from the full-time faculty, administrative personnel in the offices of the college or school dean, and the professional staff of academic support service programs. First year full-time students are assigned an academic advisor as part of the orientation program. Transfer, adult and part-time advisors have been designated for freshmen, special admission students, undecided students, and returning students. These advisors ordinarily work with students for one or two terms. When the student declares and is accepted into a major, a new advisor in that discipline will usually be assigned. A good advising relationship requires that both the student and the advisor be comfortable with each other. Students who are uncomfortable or dissatisfied with their advising relationship may request a change of advisor.

Student Support and Assistance

Students experiencing personal difficulties, whether related to the University or not, are encouraged to make use of the services offered by Personal Counseling, Student Affairs, University Ministry, the Psychology ClinicCareer Education Center , or University Academic Services. Trained staff in these offices may provide direct assistance to the student or referral to more specialized help. 

Students of Concern

If there is a concern of imminent harm for the student or others, please contact public safety 993-1234.
To report an episode or concern, contact the Dean of Students at 993-1028