Advising Checklist

  1. Please remind advisees with holds to get them taken care of before registration.
  2. Please check student’s midterm grades before advising them and review them with the student.
  3. Verify prerequisites and corequisties for courses you and the student agree upon. Remind the student of prereqs that require a grade of “C” or better.
  4. Secure any necessary overrides (PREREQ, CAPACITY, COREQ, etc.) from Dean’s office of College that offers the course.  Use the Override Approval Form, or send an email directly to Associate Dean’s office with the information and request. 
  5. Please review (in Academic History) whether or not the student is on Academic Probation this semester.  Please spend a little extra time probing how the student is doing and whether or not they need to change how they are approaching any of their courses, of if they need additional support.
  6. Please run a Degree Evaluation (SSB – Faculty and Advising….Student Information Menu…ID Selection…Degree Evaluation.)  Let the Associate Dean know if there are any issues that need correcting here.
  7. For Seniors -  Please run the Degree Evaluation and complete a graduation plan with the student.  Please encourage the student to complete an Application for Graduation as well!
  8. Please use Advising Notes where appropriate.  (List courses agreed upon.) 
  9. Remove PIN (using TitanConnect INB – SPAAPIN)