Advising International Students

International Student Office (ISO)

Location:  Reno Hall 46
Phone:  993-1205
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Credit Hours

International students must be full-time. 
Undergraduate and Post-Degree students must be registered for 12 credit hours or more. 
Graduate students must be registered for 9 credit hours (or take courses that will result in a full load.)

Students do not need to be full-time in their final semester.  Note, if student are only registered for one course, it may not be online.

International students may register part-time or take vacation in the Summer term, if the Summer term is generally an off-term for other students in the program.

Online Courses

International students may only take ONE online course per semester towards full-time enrollment.
With advisor approval, students may take more than one online course, as long as the student would be considered full-time without including the additional online courses. (For example, a graduate student could take 6 credits in class and 6 credits online; an undergrad/post-degree student could take 9 credits in class and 6 credits online.)
In a students' final semester, if a student is only registered for one course, it may not be online.

Dropping Courses

International students should consult with the International Student Office before dropping any courses!
(In general, an international student is allowed ONE drop for academic difficulty.)

English Proficiency Testing and Placement

UDM uses the ACT Compass® ESL test in place of the TOEFL. 
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American Language and Culture Program (ALCP) Courses

Undergraduate and Post-Degree Additional Academic Credits Student May Register for
ALCP 1010 No additional credits
ALCP 2010 6 additional credits
ALCP 3150 9 additional credits
Graduate Students
ALCP 5101 No additional credits
ALCP 5201 3 additional credits

ALCP 5315

6 additional credits

Contact Michael Morgan ( for additional information.

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Undergraduate students cannot participate in co-op until junior year.
Graduate and Undergraduate/Post-Degree students must have maintained status for at least 2 semesters to be eligible for co-op
Students with F-1 visas can work up to three full-time co-ops, or six part-time co-ops.

International students wishing to do co-op must get approval from the ISO office.

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