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New Freshmen & Transfers

Placement Tests

AP/IB Test Credits

The Transfer Team will post AP/IB test scores and corresponding course credits on the student's academic history once they are received by the university. Placement tests are given for English, Math, Chemistry (for E & S students and other students intending to take chemistry), and Foreign Language (optional).  See the Advanced Placement Guide (.pdf) or the IB credit guide for more information.

Transfer Credits

Transfer credits will be processed by the Transfer Team once they are received.  Run Degree Evaluation to see how transferred courses will fit into the students declared major or "what if" for other scenarios.

Students must complete their last 30 credit hours (roughly their Senior year) here at UDM.  This is referred to as the Senior Residency Rule.

After being admitted to UDM, students wishing to take classes at another institution must get permission from their advisor and Dean's office BEFORE taking classes at another institution.  If permission is granted, students should complete the Michigan Guest Student Application, have it signed by their Dean's office and then have it stamped/sealed by the registrar's office.  If the student is taking classes at one of the Detroit Area Catholic Higher Education Consortium Schools (Madonna University,  Marygrove College, and Sacred Heart Major Seminary), there is a separate authorization form for those schools.