Consortium Agreements

Undergraduate Advisors

You may advise undergraduate students that are eligible for taking a class(es) at Madonna University, Marygrove College or Sacred Heart Seminary while they are pursuing their UDMdegree. Sometimes having a specific course or the schedule flexibility available by taking a class through the Consortium can help a student as they work towards completion of their UDM degree. Listed below is the detailed information from the undergraduate catalog about taking a consortium class. Consortium classes don't work in every program or for every student but they are an option to consider for some students.


The University participates in a program where students and programs are exchanged with the other members of the Detroit Area Catholic Higher Education Consortium, which include Madonna University,

Marygrove College and Sacred Heart Seminary. Under the program, full-time and part-time undergraduate students in good standing and enrolled in any member institution may take undergraduate courses at other consortium schools and pay tuition as part of their home institution tuition charges. Any course fees are paid to the host institution.


To be eligible, a full-time student must be enrolled at the home school and enroll for a combined total of 12 or more credit hours at both schools and must pay at least the minimum full-time tuition of the home institution. A part-time student must register for a minimum of six credit hours, at least three of which must be at the home institution.

Registration Procedure

Approval for enrolling in courses at another consortium institution must be obtained from the college office. The authorization form is prepared by the student and signed by the college office. The academic dean has the authority to limit the total number of courses a student may take at other consortium institutions, both overall and during a specific term or semester. Summer courses are available.


  • A maximum of 12 credit hours of courses from other consortium institutions may be taken during a student’s entire undergraduate program.
  • Normally, authorization will not be given to take a course at another consortium institution if an identical or clearly comparable course will be concurrently offered at UDM.
  • Graduate level courses are not included in this program. Post-degree students may participate provided that they enroll for undergraduate courses.
  • No consortium credits are allowed during the last 30 hours of any student’s program (except for declared Theatre and Architecture majors).