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Pamela ZarkowskiPam
Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
FAC 500
Voice: 313.993.1585
Fax: 313.993.1534
Email: pamela.zarkowski@udmercy.edu

Christina Socha
Administrative Assistant to the Provost

FAC 500
Voice: 313.993.1586
Fax: 313.993.1534
Email: christina.socha@udmercy.edu

Lisa E. Zessin
Special Assistant to the
FAC 500
Voice: 313.993.1469
Fax: 313.993.1534
Email: lisa.zessin@udmercy.edu

Shelley Wagnon
Director of Institutional Research

FAC 500
Voice: 313.993.1588
Fax: 313.993.1534
Email: hrynczsm@udmercy.edu

Catherine R. Caldwell
Director of the Office of Sponsored Projects and Research Activities
FAC 500
Voice: 313.993.1544
Fax: 313.993.1534
Email: catherine.caldwell@udmercy.edu

Marjorie A. Lang
Title IX Coordinator and Equity and Compliance Specialist
FAC 500
Voice: 313.993.1802
Fax: 313.993.1534
Email: langma@udmercy.edu

Susan M. Trudeau
Director of the Student Success Center
3rd Floor Library
Voice: 313.993.3383
Fax: 313.578.0342
Email: trudeasm@udmercy.edu

Emilie A. Gallegos Wetherington
Director of Disability Support Services

3rd Floor Library
Voice: 313.578.0310
Fax: 313.578.0342
Email: gallegem@udmercy.edu

J. Timothy Hipskind, S.J.
Director of Service Learning
Institute for Leadership & Service

Briggs 232
Voice: 313.993-2003
Fax: 313.993.1509
Email: hipskijt@udmercy.edu

Kathleen Zimmerman-Oster
Director of Research, Evaluation and Leadership Development
Institute for Leadership and Service

Reno 232
Voice: 313.993.1137
Fax: 313.993.1509
Email: zimmerka@udmercy.edu

Diane M. Praet
Associate Vice President and University Registrar

FAC 80
Voice: 313.993.3313
Fax: 313.993.3317
Email: praetdm@udmercy.edu

Elizabeth B. Roberts-Kirchhoff
Director of Assessment

C 109
Voice: 313.993.1021
Fax: 313.993.1534
Email: robkires@udmercy.edu