University College Program

Frequently Asked Questions About The University College Program

Why Do Some Students Start In University College?

Students start in University College for many different reasons. In most cases, their grades in certain subjects or their ACT scores are lower than what is normally accepted for regular admission to their program of choice. However, students who are selected for University College are chosen because they show the potential to do well in college courses with the academic support that is provided through the program. Admitted University College students sign a contract agreeing to certain conditions as participants in the program.

Do I take the same courses as other freshmen if I am in University College?

YES! UC students take the same courses as any other freshmen who have the same intended major. For example, if you are in University College and your intended major is engineering, then you will be enrolled in the same courses as a student admitted directly to the engineering program who places into the same courses as you do at freshman orientation.

How long will I be in the University College program?

On average, students spend 3 semesters or 1 ½ years in the UC program. Students leave University College after they have completed the beginning math requirement and have achieved the minimum grade point average for admission into their program of choice.

Can I participate in athletics and other student activities as a UC student?
Yes. There is no restriction on participation in athletics or student activities for UC students. The UC staff works closely with the athletic department to support the academic success of our student athletes.

What happens if I don't follow the University College Contract?

The contract is there to help you to succeed. Students must sign and agree to the conditions of the contract in order to be admitted to UDM. By following the contract you demonstrate commitment, motivation and responsibility for your own success. Without these things it is very possible that you will not be successful in your studies. Therefore, students who do not follow the conditions of the contract are subject to dismissal from the program and the University.

What are the benefits of starting in University College?

By agreeing to sign a UC program contract, you become a member of a team that has your academic success as its goal. You will have a support system built into your freshman year that includes specialized advisors, a proven plan of action for academic success, organized study groups, a team of talented tutors, and a group of dedicated mentors all working together to help you to get through your first year successfully.

As if that isn't enough, if you achieve a 3.0 or higher at the end of your first year in University College, you will become the recipient of the University College academic achievement award - a renewable academic scholarship of $1000 or $1500 per year (depending on your grade point average) starting your sophomore year. So if you work hard with us during the first year, your future rewards can be GREAT!

How do I apply to University College?

Simply apply to the University. If you are not eligible for regular admission but you are eligible for University College, the Admissions office will automatically forward your application to us!