Disability Support Services


Disability support services are available to all currently enrolled students who have a documented disability that substantially limits them in one or more major life activities. Individuals eligible for services include, but are not limited to, the following types of disabilities: mobility, orthopedic, hearing, visual, learning, and attentional.

Registering for Services

Eligibility must be determined in order to make arrangements for services and accommodations through Disability Support Services. Students should complete the following steps in order to open a disability file and begin receiving services.

Upon admission to the University, contact the Director of SSC/DSS to indicate your intent to register for disability services. The intake process, which involves giving general information about your disability and need for accommodations, will be initiated. A disability file will be started after the intake process is completed. The disability file will become active upon receipt and verification of appropriate documentation.

Provide current documentation (no more than three years old) that establishes and verifies your disability to SSC/DSS. See: Guidelines for documentation for specific information.

After appropriate documentation is received and verified, a meeting will be scheduled with the Director of SSC/DSS to discuss your specific accommodations needed based on your disability.

The Director of SSC/DSS will provide you with accommodation letters to distribute to your instructors to advise them of your approved accommodations. Letters are not automatically sent to your instructors.

You must contact the Director of SSC/DSS each semester as early as possible in order to determine your needs for the next semester. Neglecting to make this contact may result in a delay in receiving necessary services and accommodations.

It is very important for students with disabilities to self-advocate. It is therefore your responsibility to advise the Director of SSC/DSS if you ever feel that your needs are not being met or your accommodations are not being provided.

Contact Information:

Director of SSC/Disability Support Services
Emilie Gallegos

Location: UDM Library, 3rd Floor

University of Detroit Mercy
4001 W. McNichols Rd.
Detroit, MI 48221

Phone: (313) 578-0310
Fax: (313) 578-0342
Email: gallegem@udmercy.edu