10. Friendship
UDM FriendshipThe residence hall population is comprised of 800 energetic, friendly, interesting people… all working toward the same goal - academic and personal growth.

UDM Friendship9. Independence and responsibility
Life beyond high school brings with it new responsibilities, like budgeting and time management. The transition will be smoother when spent in a friendly, supportive environment.

UDM Friendship8. Convenience
Residence halls put classrooms, faculty, support services, and campus recreation at your doorstep. In addition, quick, easy, and nutritious meal plans are available.

UDM Friendship7.Interpersonal and leadership skills
Prepare for leadership opportunities in your future career by learning to communicate, understand, and motivate others. Living on campus gives you practical experience outside the classroom.

UDM Friendship6. Campus life
The 80-plus clubs and organizations available at UDM are even easier to get involved with when you live on campus. Enjoy activities that are built on common bonds-from social clubs to academic organizations and even intramural sports.

UDM Friendship5. Greater career opportunities
Friendships that residence hall students make with fellow students are lasting ones-often evolving into a lifelong network of clients, colleagues, and contacts to serve you in your future.

UDM Friendship4. Easy access to campus employment
Hundreds of jobs are available on campus for you to help meet tuition and room and board costs, and to provide you with some additional spending money. Many of these jobs are flexible to accommodate your class schedule-just a short walk away when you live on campus.

UDM Friendship3. Beyond the books
Outside the University gates, a bustling city awaits you. Detroit… The Motor City… Motown. Enjoy nightlife, dancing, comedy clubs, and concerts. Enjoy cultural events, museums, opera, and live theatre. Sports more to your liking? How about the Red Wings, Tigers, Pistons, Lions - and even our own UDM Titans at Calihan Hall.

UDM Friendship2. Academic success
Students who live in a residence hall consistently have higher grades than non-resident classmates. Plus, they are more likely to graduate and to do so within the goal of four years.

UDM Friendship1.Friendship
Did we mention that already? Well this one bears repeating as it is cited over and over again by students as highlight of on-campus living.