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Shiple Hall can accommodate approximately 360 students. It is a 7-story traditional style residence hall, with men & women occupying the top six floors. The residence floors have community bathrooms with double rooms off a common corridor.


Shiple Hall dates back to the Steiner Era, the fifteenth president of the University of Detroit. “Word that a second new dormitory building would soon be built came to the students in April of 1958." This new dormitory would be eight stories tall with 220 rooms able to house 440 students; the tallest dormitory and tallest building on campus.

To commemorate the new dormitory, Reverend John McGrail, president of the Detroit Jesuits, presided over the ground-breaking ceremony as the honor guard of Air Force and Army ROTC cadets stood at attention on Monday, November 10, 1958. The new dormitory was opened with a formal dedication on February 27, 1960. The new dormitory was to be named after Father George Shiple, S.J., chairman of the Chemistry Department, regent of the School of Engineering, and member of the Board of Trustees “who with talent and loyalty had given himself to the betterment of the University.”

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Shiple Hall is a traditional style residence hall with community style bathrooms that can house approximately 360 students.

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Residential spaces

All residential spaces (lounges, game rooms) are primarily available for residents of the building and the Office of Residence Life. Non-residents may reserve residence hall space if they are acting on behalf of a registered UDM student organization. You can reserve areas by calling the "Res. Connection" and/or the hall's Resident Director.  See contact information.

Game Room

Shiple has a game room located on the ground floor. It is equipped with pool and foosball tables. A valid UDM student ID must be provided to use game room equipment. The game room also has tables and a television.

Shiple Volleyball Court (SVC)

Located between West Quad and Shiple Hall is a full-sized sand volleyball court. Contact Res. Connection to reserve the Volleyball Court.

Young Martyrs Chapel 

Located in Shiple Hall.

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Special Interest Housing

Women in Science & Engineering (WISE)

The WISE program provides first year female residents enrolled in engineering, science, architecture, health professions and mathematics a living-learning environment intent on improving their academic performance through programs, mentoring opportunities, tutoring and extensive opportunities for out-of-classroom interchange with female faculty in those disciplines are offered.

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"First Year Experience"

The FYE program is located in Shiple Hall and is exclusively for first year students. The program provides specific services, activities and programs that help new students' successful transition to UDM. For more information, go to the "First Year Experience".

For more information on the First Year Experience, please refer to our First Year Experience Flier! 

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Shple Hall Empty Room

Shiple View

Shiple Room

Shiple-Female Room

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Shiple Floorplan
Click on the image to download .pdf file

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Security Features

In order to gain entry into Shiple Hall, each student who resides in Shiple Hall must have their student ID programmed so that it will open the door to Shiple Hall via the proxy card. Once inside Shiple, there is another level of security in that in order to call the elevator on the first floor or to gain entry from the main stairwell to each floor, you must have a Shiple Hall room key. An additional security feature in Shiple is Night Monitors who work from 5 p.m. to 7 a.m. signing in guests and monitoring the front door. Lastly, Resident Advisors do multiple roves of the building each night.

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First Year Experience (FYE) Program and First Six Weeks 

PTV Week:

o Week 1

o Week 2

o Week 3

o Week 4

o Week 5

o Week 6

o October

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Residence Director, Shiple Hall
Assistant Director of Residence Life

Trevor Mannausa


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Residency Fees (All prices include room, meal plan, and utilities) 

$4,467/ $6,588
*Wifi, Premium Cable, and all other basic utilities are included

Meal Plans

Block 255: 255 Meals and $150 Flex/Declining Balance 
Block 190: 190 Meals and $300 Flex/Declining Balance 
For more information, see the Dining Services page.

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