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set of LOL
Cast member chairs were set up outside the Chemistry

On the set at UDM, Hollywood returns

Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and Ashley Greene spend a day at UDM to film scenes for upcoming Hollywood movie, LOL

UDM is becoming a favorite locale for Hollywood location managers. With Michigan’s tax incentive for film makers, Hollywood actors and production crews are becoming ever present throughout downtown Detroit and the surrounding community. Hollywood, it seems, finds UDM’s McNichols Campus attractive for shooting films and television shows.

Scenes from the 2006 movie Crossover were filmed on UDM’s campus, and several UDM students were used as extras. In 2009, location managers found the UDM Chemistry Building a good spot for filming the pilot for the ABC television series The Prince of Motor City with Aidan Quinn, who was on campus for the filming. Unfortunately, that program never made it to our televisions. In early August of this year, film crews were on campus—again in the Chemistry Building—and they brought some big-name actors with them. Demi Moore, Miley Cyrus, Ashton Kutcher (not in the movie) and Ashley Greene spent a day on campus and a fair amount of time in the Chemistry Building and had lunch in the Fountain Lounge in the Student Center.

The movie, LOL:Laughing Out Loud, an American remake of a recent French film by the same name, is a comedy/drama about 15-year-old Lola (played by Cyrus) coming of age as she is dumped by her boyfriend and begins a new life with her recently divorced mother (played by Moore). According to UDM students who were extras for the film, most of the scenes took place in the large Chemistry lecture room and in the building’s hallway. In the scene, students were meant to be at a school assembly at the lead character’s high school. The crew and actors spent part of July and most of August in Michigan filming at different locations throughout Detroit and in Grosse Pointe. The production supervisor for LOL told Gary Lichtman, UDM’s media relations director, that he really liked the campus, and will most likely consider it for future productions.

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