Richard Golden, D.D.S. improves quality of dental procedures

“I knew there had to be a better way to extract a tooth.” Richard Golden, DDS ’ 71

Richard Golden’s invention of the “Physics Forceps” stemmed from years of frustration in extracting teeth. He realized that many of the existing instruments to extract teeth were inefficient and counter productive. He set about finding a better way to extract a tooth. Golden’s quest started simply by applying different forces to the tooth using existing dental instruments. After years of experimentation and feedback from other doctors and assistants, he pursued a patent based on applying physics to the tooth.

Extractions that normally took 20 to 40 minutes could now be done in less than two minutes. A pattern began when every new experienced assistant would come to work and comment: “This was the first time I watched a dentist extract teeth—that would normally take 30 minutes—in 30 seconds, and the patient doesn’t even know you’re finished.”

Between 2003 and 2004, he took the next important step of securing a preliminary patent for an instrument that would allow him to do the extractions. He went to a tool and die shop, and there he fiddled with various prototypes which led to the discovery of the “Physics Forceps”®.

By 2007, Golden’s invention was made available to the dental industry.  Today, he continues to operate his private dental practice while training dental professionals and students to use the “Physics Forceps”®. His marketing strategy emphasizes that his specialty is “One Minute Extractions through the use of Physics Forceps®.”

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