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Fall 2007

wayne chubbWayne Chubb '00, '02

President, School of Architecture Alumni Board

Architecture Alumni Board President Wayne E. Chubb ’00, ’02, has a clear-cut reason for his extra-curricular involvement.

“There are numerous memories of my time at University of Detroit Mercy, but it’s being surrounded by passion for architecture that I remember most,” says Chubb, who has been a member of the School of Architecture Alumni Board since 2002, and is going into his second year as president.  

Chubb, who received both his master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Architecture from UDM, works as a senior associate at Hobbs and Black Associate

Of the board’s schedule, Chubb says,” We’ll begin outlining our agenda in August, and we attempt to balance our activities under different categories to service the alumni, students, academic and community groups,” The agenda is quite busy, too, with a wide variety of activities throughout the year.

The board continues to offer Career Day for high school students, a popular and well-attended event.

“We also host the student breakfast each term, and serve in an advisory role for the curriculum committee. In addition, we plan impromptu social gatherings for local alumni. Our annual alumni event was hosted in April at the School, where we had a relaxing evening of entertainment and refreshments. The board is also proud to have co-sponsored the Continuing Education Event this past May,” he adds.

“The board has been diligently working to pull together our annual events in addition to adding new ones. A few recent graduates have been a welcome addition to the board, too,” Chubb says. The board raises funds for the SOA Alumni Board Scholarship, which they award annually. Numerous alumni also provide an advisory role on the curriculum review for the School each term.

From an academic standpoint, the board sponsors continuing education events for alumni and area professionals and also contacts prospective students on behalf of the Admissions department. In addition, several other smaller activities sponsored by the board take place yearly, such as open resume and portfolio review for students.

The group is, however, not purely scholastic in nature. Social events include an informal Homecoming gathering prior to the game, as well as First Mondays, where interested alumni gather at a selected watering hole for a cocktail the first Monday of each month.

When asked what inspires his profound dedication, Chubb says, “My motivation stems from an interest in giving back to the School and working to bridge the gap between students and the profession. By providing opportunities for alumni and students to interact, it allows for students to take advantage of the resources of their alumni.”  He adds, “Working with the board has been important because it maintains my connection with the administration, faculty and, most of all, the students’ energy and passion for architecture that fills the building.”

Recruiting future board members is key, and Chubb has one emphatic statement for his fellow alumni. “The biggest message is that we exist, and so do our events. As a board we struggle to reinvent the wheel each year, attempting to figure out what types of activities people are interested in, and what is the best form of communication to advertise these events,” he says. Chubb emphasizes that their web site—http://architecture.udmercy.edu/alumni.htm—is very current, so information is easily accessible.

Chubb’s tenure has been productive, to say the least. “My main goal since being president has been to establish and foster a strong energetic group of board members. In addition, I have tried to gather a support group of dedicated alumni that will help with various committees or events that fit their interest. We are almost there. If I leave the board in a position to move forward into the future, I will have considered my time well spent.”

Chubb does not consider this a solo venture, though. He says,  “Most of all, I would like to thank the great group of board members I have had the pleasure to work with this year. You make me proud to be an alumnus.”