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Spring 2008

Alumni Volunteers

Meet the UDM alumni who put in countless hours to lead the alumni boards and councils. Along with the members of these boards, they plan events and activities that support the alumni, students and faculty of the schools/colleges and the Titan Club.


What do these people have in common? They are alumni just like you. But they take that role a step further. Each puts in countless hours to provide leadership to their college or school alumni boards and councils or the Titan Club. They, along with groups of other alumni volunteers who serve on the boards, plan alumni events and participate in activities that support the deans, students and faculty members.

This is just one way UDM alumni volunteer, however. Numerous alumni are actively involved in and support the University in a variety of ways, including the Board of Trustees, advisory boards, planning committees and by participating in other activities.

In this issue, we salute the alumni board or council presidents. On the following pages, find out why it is important for each of them to volunteer, and learn about some of the activities they are planning.

So, next time you attend a UDM alumni event or are called upon to mentor students or help plan an activity, know that these are the folks who will be there with you.

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