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Student Health Insurance

To waive or enroll in the Student Health Insurance: www.cirstudenthealth.com/udmercy

Please note: Only residential students need to waive the Student Health Insurance.  Commuter students are welcome to enroll in the plan, but do not need to waive.

The University of Detroit Mercy is vitally interested in the health and welfare of its students and seeks to ensure that they have access to necessary medical care.

In cooperation with Collegiate Insurance Resources, we are pleased to make available a student health insurance plan designed specifically for UDM students.

Collegiate Insurance Resources is a leading broker in student accident and sickness plans, providing coverage at a cost families can afford. Enrollment and waiver information are mailed out during the summer to each residential student registered for Term 1 fall courses. All residence hall students taking 3 or more credits will automatically be enrolled in the plan unless a waiver form is completed online.

Student Insurance Letter

Click here to review the 2012-2013 Student Insurance Plan

The following options exist to secure health insurance.

  1. Continue coverage that you currently have through your family. (Complete a waiver form online)
  2. Purchase insurance through the University. (Complete an enrollment form online)

To waive or enroll in the insurance: www.cirstudenthealth.com/udmercy

 If you do not have access to the internet from home or a local library, you will be able to waive/enroll coverage from any computer on campus when you arrive. For a full description of coverage, visit Collegiate Insurance Resources website at  https://secure.visit-aci.com/insurance/uodm

Download the 2012-2013 Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan (pdf)



Absolute cut-off date for waiver acceptance

September 30, 2012