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In your opinion, what kinds of issues and concerns would college students want to talk about in counseling?

Stress 92%
Relationship Issues 62%
Adjustment to College 46%
Procrastination 43%
Loneliness 41%
Feeling Down 41%
Life Adjustment 41%
Self-Esteem 38%
Self Doubt 30%
Sexuality Issues 27%
Alcohol or Drugs 19%
Coping with Assault 16%

What types of educational presentations would you probably attend?

Understanding Depression 54%
Stress Management 51%
Relationships/Communication 46%
Body Image 22%
Test Anxiety Management 19%

In your opinion, what kinds of things are most important to you in a counseling service?

Confidentiality 89%
Hours Available 62%
Location 49%
Ethical Practices 43%