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Personal Counseling

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"When I feel good about myself and like myself, the chances are excellent that I will be able to meet life from a position of dignity, honesty, strength, love and reality."

-Virginia Satir

The Personal Counseling Office offers time-limited individual, group and family counseling. Individual and family counseling involves weekly 50 min sessions.

Who can use these services? University-wide eligibility for all University of Detroit Mercy students regardless of campus location or school. Each person who seeks counseling services can expect to be received with respect, recognition and understanding for whom they are regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, culture, class, sexual orientation, religious affiliation and/or disability.

Faculty & staff consultations are also available. The counseling office serves as a resource for faculty and staff who may want to discuss a distressed students behavior or explore ways to approach a student to make a referral.

At the time of the initial session the student can talk in confidence about what's most on his/her mind and together the counselor and student will identify problems and set realistic goals for therapy.

Some students may have special needs which would require a referral to a clinic or another therapist.