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Counseling Confidentiality

We want you to feel comfortable.

Strict confidentiality is assured by rigid adherence to professional ethical standards and the State of Michigan professional licensing requirements. The university community has no knowledge of who uses the personal counseling services.

Any written material is completely separate from your academic records. No information leaves the counseling office without your express consent, review and written approval. In very rare cases where a person is in clear and imminent danger of hurting themselves or others, the counselor is legally bound to share enough information with authorities to assure protection for all concerned.

All other University employees must report sexual violence, relationship violence and stalking to law enforcement authorities, which would be handled by Detroit Mercy Public Safety. Those who wish to discuss a situation in complete confidence should disclose only to a license professional in the Wellness Center. Counseling services are available at any time for any persons affected by sexual violence, relationship violence and/or stalking.