UDM Student Wellness Center

The UDM Student Wellness Center functions as your private physician's office with a strong emphasis on wellness. We want you to fully benefit from your Jesuit and Mercy education. In the event of an accident or illness, our Henry Ford oversight physician, Nurse Practitioner and Registered Nurses are here to give you our expertise and care.

The everyday decisions you make will determine your ability to stay healthy and enjoy your experiences here. The daily choices you make in regard to nutrition, exercise and rest will play a major role in your success. In a new environment your immunity will be challenged. Besides those choices mentioned, there are several more that will aid your natural resistance to diseases. They include current immunizations to measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, Hepatitis A & B, Meningitis, Gardasil (HPV vaccine) and the yearly flu vaccine. These are vital tools to insure your wellness.

Our staff members are well versed on ways to assist you in making wellness lifestyle choices as you engage on this journey to independence and knowledge. Life is about change and this is a major change in your life. We are ready to assist you in this transition to an independent healthy person by either medical care or by wellness consultations.

When you are on campus visiting, please drop by the Health Center, we would love to meet you.

Wellness Summer Hours