Student University Mail Service (SUMS)

Quad Commons
(313) 993-1154

Customer Service Staff hours:

Monday - Friday 1 - 5p  * Hours are subject to change*

Mail collection from boxes is completed during customer service hours.  All resident students are encouraged to have a SUMS mailbox so that the university can effectively communicate important information to them. It is the responsibility of each resident student/SUMS mailbox customer to collect mail from their mailbox on a timely basis. It is also the student's responsibility to notify the mail desk of their permanent address when they leave the University of Detroit Mercy for the summer or permanently.

Applications for new or returning resident students are sent out with residence hall contracts and may be returned to the Office of Residence Life with the contract or sent directly to the Student Life Office. New students enrolled for the Fall Term 1 will be notified by return mail during the summer of their box assignment and combination. Returning students' boxes will be returned to active status at the beginning of Fall Term 1 or on the date specified on their summer status form.

Your mailbox assignment will remain with you until:

  • you request that the box be closed because you are leaving UDM permanently or graduating;
  • you do not enroll for classes or;
  • you request a box change due to malfunction of your current box.

In order to expedite delivery to your mailbox, please have your correspondents address your mail in the following manner:

Your name, SUMS Box #
University of Detroit Mercy
4001 West McNichols Road,
Detroit MI 48221

For more detailed information, please see Guide to Student University Mail Service (PDF).