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SGA (Student Government Organization Grant)

The Student Government Association (SGA) assists registered student organizations in funding events by providing Student Government Grants (formerly SENSOG). The grant serves to increase campus vitality by assisting organizations in funding activities and events that reflect the diversity of the student body. Additionally, they encourage student organizations to develop leadership and gain exposure for their organization.  SGA encourages registered student organizations to seek funding for events by completing the Student Government Funding Application.


Student Government Grant Policies & Procedures

Eligible student organizations may apply for funding on an event-by-event basis. This means that an organization requesting funding must submit an application form and all of its required components every time they are holding an event in which they desire financial support from Student Government Association.

I. Eligibility Requirements of Student Groups for Student Government Event-by-Event Funding

II. Exceptions for Eligibility

III. Co-Sponsorship

 IV. Funding Process

Requests must not exceed $500:

V. Deadlines for Request

VI. Obtaining Funding




Student Government Forms are due monthly Wednesdays to Drew Peters, petersas@udmercy.edu on the following dates:

Organizations will be notified via email the Student Government decision within two weeks following the Wednesday after forms are submitted.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us:

Drew Peters petersas@udmercy.edu

Assistant Director of Student Life