SENSOG (Student Senate Organization Grant)

The finance committee of UDM Student Senate assists registered student organizations in funding events by providing Student Senate Organization Grants (SENSOG). SENSOG funded events are an essential part of the character of UDM. They increase campus vitality by assisting organizations in funding activities and events that reflect the diversity of the student body. Additionally, they encourage student organizations to develop leadership and gain exposure for their organization. Thus Student Senate encourages registered student organizations to seek funding for events by completing the SENSOG Funding Application.


SENSOG Policies & Procedures

Eligible student organizations may apply for funding on an event-by-event basis. This means that an organization requesting funding must submit an application form and all of its required components every time they are holding an event in which they desire financial support from SENSOG.

I. Eligibility Requirements of Student Groups for SENSOG Event-by-Event Funding

  • The student organization must be registered as a student organization in the Student Life Office (SLO).

  • The student organization must be open to all students of University of Detroit Mercy.

  • The student organization's event must be open to all students of University of Detroit Mercy.

  • The event must be organized and planned by UDM students for members of the UDM community, primarily students.

  • The student organization must have a mission or purpose that is congruent to the mission and purpose of the University and Student Senate.

  • The student organization must have a FOAPA account number account with the University of Detroit Mercy.

  • SENSOG is one of many sources for funding events. It is expected that student organizations gain other avenues of funding including: dues, support from university departments, fundraising, etc.

  • If an organization is planning on requesting SENSOG funds, the organization cannot advertise their even in any way, sell tickets, or enter into agreements with businesses (either written or verbal) until they have received approval from the Finance Committee.

  • If an organization has received funding, all advertisements: signs, posters, and publicity must have recognition that it was funded by UDM Student Senate.

  • The organization must have the president or leader of that organization sitting on the President's council, and must be in attendance of all meetings in order to receive SENSOG funding.


II. Conferences

  • SENSOG does not provide funding for Conferences.

III. Exceptions for Eligibility

  • Selective Groups may receive funding for an event if they are registered in the Student Life Office and their event is open to all UDM students.

  • University Departments or Committees may request SENSOG funding, in extenuating circumstances if they are planning an event that will benefit students. The Finance Committee will review their request.

IV. Co-Sponsorship

  • If a request for funding is from more than one student organization, all student organizations involved must meet the eligibility requirements.


V. Funding Process

  • It is important to remember that all contact between SENSOG and student organizations takes place through email. Thus it is essential to check your email regularly when your organization has submitted a funding request for review.
  • Completed funding request which meet all the relevant due dates (please refer to the Funding Request Form), are presented to the Finance Committee.
  • Members of the Student Group are responsible for presenting the funding request to the Finance Committee, as well as the organization and planning of the event via the Funding Request Form.
  • The Finance Committee determines how much to allocate the student group after:
    • Reviewing the Funding Request Form
    • Accessing all the components of the groups funding request
    • The event as well as the group meets all of the eligibility requirements.
  • The Funding Request then goes to the Student Senate President, who can either:
    • Concur with the Finance Committee's decision, allowing it to go through to the final Representative Review.
    • Veto the Finance Committee's decision and the requiring the Executive Board to make the final decision. Please note that any vetoed decision is not subject to Representative Review.
  • If the Funding Request is approved by the Student Senate President, then the Student Senate Vice President of Finance presents the decision to the Full Senate.
    • The Funding Request can be subject to the Representative Review: (See Below)
    • If there is no call for representative review, the decision is finalized

Representative Review:

  • If the decision of the President and Finance Committee do not seem fair, there can be an appeal.
  • An appeal must be made within three days of the Finance Committee's decision.

The appeal process is as follows:

  • Once you have made the appeal, you will re-present all your information about your event and funding purpose to the Student Senate.
  • Next you will step out and the floor will be open for discussion of your event.
  • Voting will take place. (Finance Committee members are not allowed to vote along with the VP of Finance).
  • The Representative will then step in and receive the NEW decision of the Student Senate

Request over $1000:

  • The Finance Committee has the ability to recommend funding for any student group for up to $1000 per organization/per event/per month. Requests exceeding that amount will go before the Finance Committee, which will make a recommendation to the Executive Board of Student Senate, who than makes the final on ALL REQUEST OVER $1000. 


V. Deadlines for Request

  • Funding Request forms and all its required components (see Funding Request Form) are due:
    • One month before the actual event takes place! Absolutely no exceptions.
    • Please see published dates for form submission.

VI. Obtaining Funding

  • All registered student orgs must have FOAPA number. To establish a FOAPA number, all student orgs must complete the "Agreement to Establish a Fund in Trust" and "Authorized Signature List" forms located in the Student Life Office (SLO). Once completed, these forms must be delivered to the 3rd floor of the Fisher Administration Building.
  • Once registered, SENSOG will deposit via IDC (Inter-Departmental Charge) the awarded funds into the established FOAPA account.
  • The moderator of the organization will then submit a Check Request Form for the amount awarded to access the funds awarded by SENSOG to said organization. 
  • The moderator (as a university employee) will be responsible for adhering to the University of Detroit Mercy policy on cash advances and reconciling distributed funds.
  • Before the moderator reconciles all funds distributed, they must complete the SENSOG Reconciliation Form and present all original receipts in the SLO office to be copied. After the form is submitted and all original receipts are copied, those same original receipts must be submitted to the purchasing office on the 3rd floor of the Fisher Administration Building w/n 30 days in accordance with the UDM policy. Any remaining funds from the original distribution of SENSOG funds must be deposited at the student accounting office into the SLO FOAP account.
  • Any organization that does not comply with or abuse this policy in any way, will no longer be allowed to have SENSOG funding and removed as an organization from UDM permanently.






SENSOG Forms Due monthly Wednesdays to the Student Senate Office:

  • October 12th
  • November 11th
  • December/January 18th
  • February 8th
  • March 14th
  • April 11th

Organizations will be notified via email the SENSOG awards monthly on the following Wednesday after forms are submitted.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us:

Faith Trotter

UDM Student Senate - Vice President of Finance