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Room Reservations

Reserving Facilities

Registered Student Organizations that wish to reserve space located in the lower level of of the Student Center should complete a Space Request Form and sumbit to reserve@udmercy.edu

Registered Organizations that wish to reserve the following:

Should submit a Facilities Use Application to the Sodexho (Dining Services Office), Located on the second level of the Student Center, (313) 993-1616.


Only Registered Student Organizations and/or University Colleges/Departments may reserve facility space within in the Student Center.

  1. Sponsoring Organizations/departments are expected to leave any room used during the event, clean and free of debris, and in the same condition in which it was found.
  2. Furiniture set up and food service requests must be directed to Sodexho Dining Services at 993-1616.
  3. Requests for PA sound system for your event must be directed to Michael Jayson, Smith Media Center at (313) 578-0311.
  4. Audio Visual (AV) requests (projector, screen, laptop) must be submitted through ITS at (313) 578-0360.
  5. Extraordinary cleaning following an event will be charged to sponsoring organization(s).
  6. Damages to facility and/or property occurring at an event may be charged to the sponsoring organization(s).
  7. Individual, non-organizational use of facilities is limited to academic uses.
(Student Handbook, p. 153)