Tuition Refund Policy

General Information

Academic and financial obligations for a course or service for which a student is registered are modified only by an official withdrawal from the course or service. The official academic withdrawal must be completed in writing on the appropriate form available in the office of the dean or director of the college in which the student is registered. The official date of withdrawal will be the date on which written notice of withdrawal is received by the office of the dean or director. In those cases where the office is closed before the end of the withdrawal day, those forms received by 9 a.m. the following day will be accepted.

Refunds will be first applied to any financial aid received by the student and then to the indebtedness he/she has with the University.

Once you are registered for classes your  student account is charged for the tuition and you are financially responsible for payment or payment arrangement. Tuition is refunded according to the following schedule once classes have been officially dropped in the Office of the Registrar:

  • Classes from 1 day to 7 weeks in length
    • 100% refund on Day 1
    • No refund beginning Day 2
  • Classes more than 7 weeks long
    • 100% refund through Day 7
    • 50% refund Day 8 to Day 14
    • No refund beginning Day 15

Co-op Students

Co-op students who must withdraw from classes, services or school because they received notification of their employment after registration will be granted a total refund upon approval of the dean of the Cooperative Education and Career Center.

Refund Variance Committee

Should a student be unable to complete the withdrawal process within the appropriate time limitation because of circumstances beyond his/her control, he/she may appeal the refund decision in writing to the Variance Committee through the Student Accounting Office (academic) or Office of the Residence Hall Director (dorm and food services).

Financial Aid Recipients

First-time registrants who receive federal financial aid are subject to a pro-rata refund policy. This policy mandates that students who completely withdraw from classes during the first 60% of the first semester be given a pro-rata refund. Students who fall under this policy may be subject to an administrative fee of $100 or 10% of their charges, whichever is less.

Returning students who receive federal financial aid are subject to a separate federally mandated refund policy should they completely withdraw from classes. This policy was designed to give students a "fair and equitable" refund.

Details of both these policies, as well as the institutional refund policy, and the institutional refund policy for partial withdrawals, are available from the Scholarship and Financial Aid, Registrar, Student Accounting and Student Service Center offices.

Residence Halls Cancellation Policy

A student who wishes to cancel his/her residence hall contract must do so prior to the cancellation deadline or be subject to the $350.00 cancellation/termination fee . (See ORL web site for cancellation information , .

In the event of an approved withdrawal from the University residence hall system, refunds (housing only) are subject to a prorated assessment for the period of residence. (The board plan will be prorated until the fourth week of the semester after which time students are responsible for the remainder of the plan.) The effective termination date will be the day upon which all of the following have been accomplished:

  • The student has canceled in writing.
  • The student has removed all belongings from the room.
  • Appropriate check-out forms have been completed.
  • Room and building keys, proxy cards have been surrendered to the ORL.

Meal Plan Refunds

Students who totally withdraw from the University will be refunded for the food plan on a pro-rata assessment basis for the period of use.

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