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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is payment due?

A. Payment is due by the Friday before the first day of the semester.  If you are mailing your payment, please mail it two weeks before the start of the semester to allow ample time for processing.

Q. Can I make a payment online?

A. No, we can no longer accept payments by phone. Your information is available  online by accessing your account information in TitanConnect. All credit/debit payments will be assessed a 2.75% convenience fee.  We will no longer be able to accept Visa and all credit/debit payments must be made online, our cashier cannot take in person or by phone credit or debit payments.  A computer will be available in the lobby for your use.  Checks and cash can still be made to our cashier or online (electronic check) payments can be made without the fee.

Q. Can I make a payment by telephone?

A. No, we are no longer able to accept payments over the phone. For information about how to pay if you are enrolled in TMS, go to the TMS web site: http://www.afford.com/  Their education counselors are available 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. weekdays and Saturdays 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. EST.

Q. When will I get my bill?

A. If you register early you should receive a statement six (6) weeks before the beginning of the term. If you register within six weeks of of the term, bills will be sent biweekly.  All bills will be sent to your udmercy email address.  You may print your bill once you click into it.  We will retain at least 6 months of bills for you to view and print.

Q. What if I have no money but have applied for grants and/or loans?

A. Contact the Financial Aid office and request a financial aid waiver.

Q. What should I do if my financial aid is less than my bill?

A. Pay the difference or use the Tuition Management Service.

Q. I think there's an error on my statement; what should I do?

A. If there is an error in your class schedule or tuition rate contact the Registrar's Office at 313-993-3313 or registrar@udmercy.edu.

If the error is in the amount of financial aid that has been posted to your account contact the Financial Aid Office at 313-993-3350.

For all other questions, please contact the Student Accounting Office at 313-993-1420.

Q. I never attended class. Won't I be dropped automatically?

A. No, It is your responsibility to drop a class once you have registered. Efforts are made to drop those students who have never attended classes; however, to ensure accurate record keeping, it is the responsibility of the student to file a Change in Registration form with the Registrar.

Q. I did not pay anything. Why do I need to file for a refund?

A. A tuition refund must be applied to a student account to remove tuition charges. Otherwise, charges stay on the account and continue to accrue service charges, and collection activity will continue.

Q. If I file a Petition for Refund, will I get money back?

A. Refunds are applied first to any financial aid source you received. If your student account has been paid with financial aid, the grants and loans will be returned to the funding agency. After the financial aid portion is adjusted, and if you paid tuition beyond that amount, a refund check will be issued to you.

Q. If I file a petition for refund, under what circumstances are refunds granted?

A. Refunds are granted when circumstances beyond the control of the student prevent the student from attending class. Examples include:

Q. I have questions about the Lifetime Learning and Hope Scholarship Credits and Form 1098-T. Where can I get information?

A.  Click here for information.