Traffic, Parking, and IDs

Parking Holds

For information on Parking Holds, see the Parking Holds page.

Vehicle Traffic

Did you know that last year alone there were 34 motor vehicle accidents reported on campus? Our Public Safety officers work rain or shine to patrol campus roadways and parking areas. Be a responsible person in our community slow down and get informed about UDM roadway and parking regulations. We have been fortunate that no one has been seriously injured.

Remember the speed limit is 15 MPH on all campus roadways.

Please comply with all the traffic signs on the campuses. Help keep this a safe place!

Pedestrian Traffic

The parking lots and roadways always have students and employees going to and from classes and buildings. Often times they are preoccupied with class assignments, exams or reading while walking. We would like the campus community to assist the Public Safety Department by making an effort to watch their speed on campus and keep an eye out for pedestrians that may not be paying attention to their immediate surroundings.

Parking Regulations

Make an informed decision about parking on UDM Campuses by clicking on: