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Reporting of Criminal Offenses

Policy #: 3002.8 J


For purposes of this policy the University of Detroit Mercy (UDM) Department of Public Safety disclose to the University community how to report criminal offenses that take place on and around the University’s campuses which may pose a threat to safety.


This policy applies to employees, contractors, consultants, temporary help and other workers at the UDM, including all personnel affiliated with third parties.


To report a criminal offense occurring on UDM campus immediately contact the UDM Department of Public Safety 24-Hour communications center at 313-993-1123 for emergencies, 313-993-1234 non-emergencies, or by using the exterior emergency telephones located throughout campus parking lots or by some buildings.  

Any suspicious activity or person seen in the parking lots or loitering around vehicles, inside building or around the Residence Halls should be immediately reported to the Department of Public Safety.  In addition, if you are a victim involved in a crime of sensitive nature you may also report a crime to the following areas:

  1. Dean of Students: 313-993-1028
  2. Director, Counseling and Psychological Services: 313-578-0496
  3. Director, Student Health Center: 313-993-1185
  4. Director, Housing and Residential Life : 313-993-1230

UDM Department of Public Safety and the Detroit Police Department have a mutual aid agreement.  Each department augments the other within their jurisdictions during mutual investigations, arrest, and prosecutions.  UDM officers attend regular meetings with local law enforcement agencies to exchange ideas and problems, which may be of concern for the University community.