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Crime Prevention Programs

Policy #: 3002.8 C


The purpose of this policy is to educate the University of Detroit Mercy (UDM) community on proper crime prevention and safety precautions.


This policy applies to employees, contractors, consultants, temporary help and other workers at the UDM, including all personnel affiliated with third parties.


The University of Detroit Mercy maintains, enforces, and discloses to the University community information on crime prevention programs to address the known types of criminal activity that takes place on and around the University’s campuses which may pose a threat to your safety. Crime Prevention Programs will be offered throughout the Fall and Winter semesters to recommend safe practices to the university community.

Crime Prevention Programs on personal safety and theft prevention are sponsored by various campus organizations throughout the year.  UDM Department of Public Safety facilitates programs for students, parents, faculty, new employee orientations, student organizations, and community organizations.  In addition, UDM Department of Public Safety participates in annual training programs for Resident Advisers and residents providing a variety of educational strategies and tips on how to protect themselves from sexual assault, theft and other crimes.  

Tip:  To enhance personal safety, and especially after an evening class, walk with friends or someone from class that you know well, or call the Department of Public Safety for an on campus or nearby escort.