Emergency Preparedness

STEP – 1                                                                                            Rave Alert Banner

  • Review and print emergency document(s) on this site
  • Participate in the emergency web training -Program campus emergency number into a “one touch” button on your cellular phone
  • Learn multiple routes out of the buildings you visit frequently
  • Review protocols in the Emergency Response Plan & the Emergency Procedure Guide

STEP – 2

  • Understand that all situations cannot be predicted here
  • Remember your A-B-C’s (download the Bookmark)
    • A – Assess the situation determine if you should evacuate or use containment procedures
    • B – Before doing either, visually note your surroundings for hazards (i.e. noises, alarms etc)
    • C – Call Public Safety and Communicate incident location, type and injuries

STEP – 3

  • Not every incident requires evacuation, but may require building containment.
  • Containment procedures are used when a hazard exists and it is not safe to leave your campus residence, office, classroom, or building.
  • Learn the evacuation & containment procedures provided on this site