Containment & Shelter Procedures

There may be instances when remaining indoors will be the safest course of action to take. In those instances, the Building Containment Procedure will be used. The first person to discover that a hazardous situation exists outside of the building should immediately notify the University official in the building or call the Department of Public Safety at 313-993-1123.

  • Be calm and carefully give all information requested.
  • Upon notification that a building containment is ordered, faculty members are to first turn off all laboratory gases before proceeding to containment areas.
  • All occupants are to proceed to the building containment area shown on building containment map(s) posted in building.
  • All faculty and staff should assist in directing occupants to containment area(s).
  • Be mindful of people with mobility limitations.
  • University employees are responsible to know the location of the building containment areas.
  • Designated Building Coordinators shall ensure, to the extent practical, that their building's site specific Building Containment Plan is followed until emergency personnel arrive.
  • Call Public Safety at (313) 993-1123 or from a McNichols Campus phone: 1-2-3.
  • Obey directions of emergency response personnel and Building Coordinator(s).
  • All occupants are to remain at the containment location until directed to leave by emergency personnel or University official.
  • If you are directed to leave the building, DO NOT re-enter until emergency personnel gives the order to do so.

Once you hear the containment Alert Signal you should immediately seek shelter.

  • Move to the interior hallways in the basement or lowest floor.
  • Avoid areas with glass, shelving or heavy equipment.
  • If possible, seek shelter under a desk.
  • Sit on the floor and cover your head with your arms.
  • Remain at this location until the Department of Public Safety or University official tells you it is safe to leave.