Building Gathering Points
500 feet from building
Briggs Lot F
Calihan Hall Lot F
Chemistry Lot F
Commerce & Finance Lot F
Engineering Kassab Mall
Fisher Lot A
Ford Life Science Lot F
Health Professions Lot F
Holden Hall Kassab Mall f/o Engineering
Lansing Reilly Lot F
Library Lot A
Loranger Architecture Lot A
Facility Operations Lot F
Quad Commons Lot D
North Quad Kassab Mall f/o Engineering
East Quad Kassab Mall f/o Engineering
South Quad Lot D
West Quad Lot D
Reno Hall Lot B
Shiple Hall Lot D
Student Center Lot A
Powerhouse Lot F
Law School Student Parking Lot
Dental School:
Dispensary, Specialtes and Fourth year Clinic
Faculty Parking Lot
Second and Third year clinics
Student Parking Lot
Classroom Bldg and Lobby
Visitor Parking Lot