UDM Emergency Media Information Center

The Media Information Center is the location where media gather in one room to be briefed on an emergency.  This will facilitate the rapid dissemination of timely, accurate information and help alleviate confusion and uncertainty. There has been a specific area designated for this purpose, should the need arise. Campus Media Information Centers are listed on page 3-5 of the full Emergency Response Plan. 

Our goal and commitment to the University community is to keep you and your family current with the state of our emergency and provide as much pertinent information to keep you updated.

 The UDM standard is to activate the Emergency Alert System (EAS) when ongoing circumstances compromise normal business operations affecting all or a portion of our campuses. The Emergency Alert System will notify registered individuals by using text messages, e-mails and prerecorded voice messages onto cell phones, hard-line home phones, pagers, or PDA’s.