Get Ready

About emergency evacuation drills

The Department of Public Safety and UDM's Emergency Response Planning Committee will conduct emergency evacuation exercises, in order to train employees on emergency procedures, and to examine existing procedures and solicit feedback on drill success and modifications that could reduce vulnerabilities.

University's emergency resources

The University of Detroit Mercy provides emergency information to help ensure your emergency readiness. Visit the Department of Public Safety's "Emergency Readiness Switchboard" to assist in preparing for emergencies, decision making during an uncertain situation and how to stay informed once an incident has ended.

UDM's Emergency Alert System (EAS)

University of Detroit Mercy Uses

RAVE Alert System

To register for the University's EAS, click the above logo and follow the instructions to set up your preferred contact devices (cell phone number, pager, e-mail address, etc.). The fastest notification is through text messages, so be sure to register your cell phone number or text messaging devices.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact UDM's Help Desk, either by using the online Help Desk or by calling 313-993-1500.


The University would like to know about your experience with registration and EAS tests. You can e-mail the Department of Public Safety at to let us know how we are doing.

If you have system questions or need assistance with EAS registration, please contact UDM's Help Desk, either by using the online Help Desk or by calling 313-993-1500.

Safety drill tips

  • Always treat an emergency signal as an actual emergency situation.
  • Always leave the building through the closest exist when you evacuate.
  • Know multiple exit routes from all buildings you frequent.
  • Know and follow emergency ABC’s as written on the Public Safety Emergency Readiness page.
  • Prepare for an emergency situation by staying current on readiness information.
  • Know what's expected of you during an emergency and how you can get help.