Evacuation Procedures

The first person to discover a fire or evacuation situation is responsible for immediately activating the nearest fire pull station and calling the Department of Public Safety at 313-993-1123 from a safe location. Download evacuation locations information (PDF)

    Be calm and carefully give all information requested.

    EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY in case of a fire or upon notification.


    • When an emergency evacuation is ordered or when audio or visual alarms are activated, all persons are required to evacuate the premises immediately.
    • All alarms must be treated as warning of an actual emergency. Do not take time to get personal possessions.
    • If smoke is present, stay close to the floor as you exit.
    • If possible and safe, turn off laboratory gases, exhaust fans and close doors/windows as you exit.
    • All faculty and staff should help direct students and visitors to obey evacuation orders.
    • Faculty should assure that students in their class who have mobility difficulty are assisted in the evacuation, making sure these students get at least to a stairwell landing.
    • All University employees are responsible to know the location of exits and be able to identify their building's evacuation route(s) in an emergency.
    • Designated Building Coordinators shall ensure, to the extent practical, that the site-specific Evacuation Plan of their building is followed and that the evacuation of the facility proceeds until emergency personnel arrive.
    • Exit the building using the nearest marked exit and posted evacuation route.
    • Proceed to designated outside Gathering Point shown on the evacuation map posted in the building.
    • Obey the directions of emergency response personnel or the Building Coordinator(s).
    • Be alert to the presence of persons requiring evacuation assistance and assist as much as possible to get them out or to a stairwell landing.
    • Notify emergency personnel immediately upon arrival of the exact location of any person(s) who may be having difficulty evacuating.
    • Emergency response personnel will direct you if it will be necessary to proceed to another location.
    • Do not return to an evacuated building unless directed by Department of Public Safety or University official.