Crisis Protocol: Tornado


  • Tornado Watch - A tornado watch is issued when conditions are likely for a tornado to strike.
  • Tornado Warning - A tornado warning is issued when a tornado has actually been sighted, or has been indicated by radar and may strike in your area.


Once you hear the containment Alert Signal you should immediately seek shelter.

Building Shelter

  1. Move to the interior hallways in the basement or lowest floor.
  2. Avoid areas with glass, shelving or heavy equipment.
  3. If possible, seek shelter under a desk.
  4. Sit on the floor and cover your head with your arms.
  5. Remain at this location until the Department of Public Safety or University official tell you it is safe to leave.

Vehicle Shelter

  1. Get out of the vehicle.
  2. Immediately get into a ditch or ravine.
  3. Cover your head with your arms.