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Crisis Protocol: Severe Weather


Inclement weather, which may cause unsafe conditions in traveling to or while on a University campus.


  1. The decision to close the University due to bad weather is made by the President of the University upon the recommendation of the Vice President of Business and Finance in conjunction with the Associate VP of Facilities Management.
  2. The Vice President of Business and Finance then notifies:
    • UDM Vice Presidents
    • Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs to alert the Deans and major Directors reporting to Academic Affairs
    • Director of Marketing & Public Affairs / Director of Media Relations
  3. UDM Vice Presidents notify personnel in their respective areas.
  4. Deans and major directors reporting to Academic Affairs alert their respective faculty
    and staff.
  5. Director of Media Relations notifies media for dissemination to students. Notice of closing is also added to UDM's web site: http://www.udmercy.edu.edu/ and on UDM's main phone line (313) 993-1000 message tree.

If decision to close is made during regular work hours, notice of the closing will be emailed to faculty, staff and students from the Office of the President or Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Marketing and Public Affairs Department will contact media sources through fax, telephone and e-mail.

TV newscasts:

News radio stations: