Crisis Protocol: Plumbing Failure or Flood


  • Plumbing Failure - The complete or partial loss of water pressure needed to receive adequate water flow.
  • Flood - The overflow of water into areas that are not equipped to handle water flow.


  • Between the hours of 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday immediately notify Facilities Operations at (313) 993-1240.
  • If there is a potential danger to the building occupants or a complete utility failure occurs after hours, weekend, or holiday, notify the Department of Public Safety at (313) 993-1123.
  • DO NOT USE electrical equipment.
  • If necessary, vacate the area.
  • Call the Department of Public Safety from a safe location.
  • Provide the building, floor and room number with the problem.
  • Advise of the type of problem and injuries, if known.
  • Once outside, proceed to the Gathering Point identified for your building.
  • Keep streets, fire lanes, hydrant areas and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and personnel.
  • DO NOT return to the building until you are told to do so by the Department of Public Safety or University official.
  • The Building Coordinator will take attendance and assist in accounting for all building occupants.
  • If requested, assist emergency crews as much as necessary.
  • A campus emergency command post may be set up near the emergency site. Keep clear of the command post unless you have official business.