Crisis Protocol: Fire, Explosion or Smoke


The observation or reported observation of smoke, flames or explosion that appear to pose a threat to life or property.


  1. Pull fire alarm if available and/or if you can do so safely, notify occupants by yelling "fire" in the hallway.
  2. DO NOT USE ELEVATORS. Go to a safe area and call the Department of Public Safety.
  3. Tell the Department of Public Safety the building, floor and room number where the fire is located.
  4. State whether the building is occupied.
  5. State if person(s) is trapped or injured and their location(s).
  6. Give the cause of the fire, if known.
  7. State your name, telephone number and location at time of call.
  8. STAY ON THE TELEPHONE and offer further assistance.
  9. The Director of the Department of Public Safety will fully activate the Emergency Command Center, if it is appropriate to do so.
  10. Small isolated fires should be extinguished if possible and safe. Fire extinguishers are generally located in stairwells, near entrances, or at the end of corridors.
  11. Building coordinators will account for their personnel at the evacuation assembly area and report this information to the Department of Public Safety officer.
  12. Personnel should remain at the Gathering Point for further instructions.