Emergency Alert System - Preferred Contact Information

The University has provided Wayne County with “udmercy.edu” e-mail addresses of all faculty, staff and students for the Countywide Alert System database. If you wish to change or add additional contact information (cell phone number, text pager, etc.), please read the following instructions:

  1. Click the following link: https://wayne.getalerts.org/Login.asp
  2. Click “Forgot Your Password”
  3. Enter your UDM e-mail address
  4. Click the “Send Password” button

If the system does not detect you as a registered user, please send an e-mail to its@udmercy.edu and UDM will arrange to have your name added.

  1. Go to your University e-mail account and pull up the message “New Password for your account”
  2. Click the link provided to set your password
  3. Set a new password
  4. Enter the password in the second box to validate it has been properly entered.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Click Login
  7. Enter your university e-mail address in the User ID section (i.e. doej@students.udmercy.edu) and your new password in the password field.
  8. Click login.
  9. Once into the Console, you may then add devices from the Device Setup screen, subscribe to alerts (where the University alerts are available) or other tasks.  You may add multiple devices (i.e. pager, cell phone, home phone) as you wish.  There is a demo that can be viewed for instructions at https://wayne.getalerts.org/flashintro.asp

Please contact UDM’s Help Desk at http://helpdesk.udmercy.edu or 313-993-1500 if you have any questions or need assistance in changing your contact information.

Countywide Alert System: https://wayne.getalerts.org/Login.asp

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