Closing Information

This information covers the University’s procedure related to class cancellations and school closings due to weather conditions or other threatening circumstances.

You will notice that the procedure now includes a "Late Start" designation in those instances when weather conditions may temporarily create a safety hazard during the early morning commute hours.  A Late Start delay will be for two hours. With 8 a.m. as the standard opening time at the University, an announced two-hour delay would mean that the University would open at 10 a.m. See Late Start Frequently Asked Questions for some of the questions you may have.

When the University or one of the three Detroit campuses needs to begin classes late or cancel classes, the information will be posted on the home page of the UDM website ( and through the following media: Detroit TV channels 2, 4, 7, 50 and 62; and radio stations WWJ-950 AM and WJR-760 AM. Additionally, a notice will be sent to all subscribers of the University’s Emergency Alert System.

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We hope that there will be minimal disruption to the academic class schedule with this slightly revised process, which will allow us to be prepared, especially during Michigan’s winter months.

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