Safety Notice

Parking Lot Related Incidents

Date: October 24, 2011

Location: On Campus / McNichols, Corktown, Riverfront


The Department of Public Safety has information that the suspect involved in the McNichols Campus incident may have driven a dark blue older model Chevy Suburban with a Michigan license plate.

 Suspect Vehicle

If you observe a vehicle matching this description call the Department of Public Safety 24-Hour Communication Center at (313) 993-1123.

DPS will continue to provide the community with security and safety information through safety notices and updates on the DPS web site.  







Safety Tips

  • If you see a suspect, do not approach--call Public Safety.
  • On campus emergencies call Public Safety (313) 993-1123
  • Off campus emergencies call 9-1-1  
  • Be aware that your risk increases in secluded and isolated areas.
  • Always lock your vehicle door and roll up windows when leaving your car.
  • Place valuables in the trunk or take them with you.
  • Never leave your keys in your car, even if you will only be gone for a moment.
  • When parking your car, look for suspicious persons who appear to be loitering.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and others around you at all times.
  • Don’t walk into an area if you feel uncomfortable, call DPS at (313) 993-1234.
  • Utilize the campus escort policy or walk with others when possible.
  • Have your keys in hand so you are ready to open the car door immediately.
  • License plates are sometimes stolen and used in other crimes. Visually check for your license plate each time you drive.
  • Limit the use of devices that distract you while you are walking to and from your car (Ex. Text messaging, iPods).   

Department of Public Safety


  • Campus Phone 1-2-3
  • Non-Campus Phone (313) 993-1123
  • 101 Student Center Building, McNichols Campus