FY 2014 Enrollment Marketing Initiatives

UDM’s Enrollment Marketing Initiatives for FY 2014 continue to increase brand awareness of UDM and drive prospective students to enrollment events in support of recruitment strategy.

  • Primary Audiences: Traditional, full-time undergraduates and Influencers
  • Secondary Audiences: Graduate and Transfer students

Recruitment Campaign

Home Team Marketing — Continue Home Team Marketing promotion at fall sports events at 37 high schools in metro Detroit. Promotion includes signage at schools, program inserts and PA announcements during sports events.

TV Commercials Two 30-second TV commercials aired on metro Detroit cable TV sports programs (college football and basketball, and Monday Night football) this fall in addition to sponsorship spots; a video banner ad on Comcast.net in the Detroit and Grand Rapids markets. The TV commercials also appeared on network TV programs aimed at the traditional undergraduate market the week prior to Visit Days in October and December.

Radio Traffic sponsorships ran in metro Detroit and Grand Rapids to promote Visit Days in October, December and February, as well as prior to Open House in March.

Radiate Network (Detroit) Stations

WCSX (94.7 FM)
WDZH (98.7 FM)
WDRQ (93.1 FM)
WDVD (96.3 FM)
WHTD (102.7 FM)
WJR (760 AM)
WMGC (105.1 FM)
WRIF (101.1 FM)
WWJ (950 AM)
WYCD (99.5 FM)
WDTK (1400 AM)
WSAQ (107.1 FM)
WXYT (97.1 FM)

Total Traffic Media (Detroit) Stations

WCSX (94.7 FM)
WDZH (98.7 FM)
WGPR (107.5 FM)
WKQI (99.5 FM)
WYCD (99.5 M)
WMGC (105.1 FM)
WOMC (104.3 FM)
WOMC (104.3 FM)
WRIF (101.1 FM)
WXYT (97.1 FM)
WPZR 102.7 FM)
WNIC (100.3 FM)
CIDR (93.9 FM)

Radiate Media (Grand Rapids) Stations

WBBL (107.3 FM)
WHTS (105.3 FM)
WLAV (96.9 FM)
WVIB (100.1 FM)
WTNR (94.5 FM)
WLAW (96.9 FM)

Total Traffic Network (Grand Rapids) Stations

WBCT (93.7 FM)
WOOD (1300 AM)
WMAX (96.1 FM)
WSRW (105.7 FM)
WSNX (104.5 FM)

Interactive Media will run throughout the year on:

  • Pandora – 2 weeks previous to Visit Days in October and December— audio and display ads.
  • Undertone – Customize messages to targeted demographic and channel use, November – March.
  • Facebook – Customize messages to undergraduate, graduate and transfer student segments.
  • Google and Bing– These search engines will broaden reach to targeted students and influencers and assist in highlighting priority academic programs.

Website Development

  • All College/School homepages updated with Calendar of events and News streaming onto page from UDM homepage.
  • Updated messages on “About UDM” pages.
  • Currently reviewing website pages with content managers in the colleges and schools to update for timely and accurate information.

Related Strategies

  • Updated Transfer brochure.
  • Developed new brochures for recruitment use: Road to Success with alumni testimonials, Opportunites for Service, and Accepted Students Day Program.
  • Developed new key messages for promoting UDM.
  • Continue to Enhance social media and media relations activity to promote UDM initiatives and tell our stories.
  • Implemented Business Administration fall recruitment campaign with TV commercial on cable TV, print ads in high school newspapers, online advertising for Business Turnaround Management certificate on Google Display Network, and display ad on Corporate Knights magazine website.