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Detroit Mercy Brand Standards Guide

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Please follow our brand standards!

Following the Brand Standards Guide ensures clear and consistent communication of the University’s identity. The Guide states specific directions on the use of the University’s official identity elements: logo, crest, typeface, school colors, etc. on printed materials and other special applications.

For answers to questions and resolutions of issues not covered by the Brand Standards Guide, please contact the Marketing & Public Affairs department at 313-993-1254.


The University of Detroit Mercy has two primary logos/wordmarks (the logo and crest) to identify itself in public, on the Detroit Mercy website and in internal documents. Each has a specific policy governing print and electronic use. You can download logo image files.  Any questions or requests/exceptions regarding Detroit Mercy's identification policies must be referred to the Department of Marketing & Public Affairs at 313-993-1254. For information related to Athletics logos, contact the Athletic Department.

Official Detroit Mercy Colors

The logo and crest must be printed in Pantone Matching System (PMS) 1945-red and 288-blue or black, according to the guidelines defined below. Some elements of the crest are printed in black, along with the blue and red. These graphics may not be printed in any other colors, nor in one PMS color without the other. On rare occasion, the crest and logo official colors may be "trapped" or printed using four-color process. Contact the Marketing & Public Affairs department on guidelines for trapping the colors. The logo and crest can also be printed with foil stamping.

Use of the correct Detroit Mercy colors, in print and online, is critical to the success of our branding efforts. The table below provides specifications in most recognized color systems. If you have questions, please contact Marketing & Public Affairs at 313-993-1254.




Hexadecimal color (web) 002D72 A6093D FFFFFF
RGB color (web) 0, 45, 114 166, 9, 61 255, 255, 255
Process color (CMYK)


Spot color
(Pantone aka PMS)
PMS 288 PMS 1945  
Black ink only (Grayscale) Solid black (K100) 60% black (K60)  

Logo/Crest Integrity

In any approved use, the logo and crest may not be altered in any way, including colors, backgrounds, fonts, proportions, or existing elements of the design. The logo and crest should not be used with additional text or graphics to create a “new” logo, unless designated in the Brand Standards Guide or by the Department of Marketing & Public Affairs.

Questions and Requests

The Detroit Mercy logo can be downloaded from this site in EPS or JPG format. It is also available in electronic format from the Detroit Mercy Marketing & Public Affairs department. The crest requires special permission for approved use. Questions about logo/crest policy should be directed to Marketing & Public Affairs at 313-993-1254.

Graphic guidelines

Detroit Mercy logo

The Detroit Mercy logo is the University's official public identifier. In the majority of Detroit Mercy communications, the logo should be used to ensure consistency of the University's image. It is especially important to use the logo on materials that will be distributed or seen outside of the University, i.e. for marketing, recruitment and general information.

  Detroit Mercy Logo 200px Color
This is the logo showing official red and blue colors (numerical values listed above).  The red may not be printed in any other red or in any other color other than black.  The blue may not be printed in any other blue or in any other color other than black. 
  Detroit Mercy Logo in Black 200px Black
The logo may be printed in all black if only black or black and one other color are being used for the print job or if reproduction with the screened logo option will be poor, i.e. when printing on newsprint or photocopying. The logo may also be printed in white on a dark background in some instances.

Detroit Mercy Crest (Seal)

The Detroit Mercy crest is a unique and honored symbol of the institution's identity. It is not intended for use as a graphic or a design element, and it should not be used in publications or materials in which use of the Detroit Mercy logo is appropriate as the University identifier.

The Detroit Mercy crest is to be used only on official, institutional documents, such as transcripts and diplomas and on formal proclamations, certificates, invitations, etc., issued from the Office of the President or the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Any other use of the crest is limited and should always be referred to the Marketing & Public Affairs department before publication.

The crest should not be used online, nor in combination with the Detroit Mercy logo.

Detroit Mercy SealUDM Seal in black

Letterhead, envelopes and business cards

Official University of Detroit Mercy letterhead, envelopes and business cards should be used for all external communications. The University uses 24# Cougar Opaque paper stock for the letterhead with corresponding #10 business envelopes. Letterhead is printed on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper and utilizes the Detroit Mercy logo and the official Detroit Mercy colors. Business cards are printed on Cougar Opaque 80# cover stock. To maintain consistent style and identity with letterhead and business cards, pleaseorder letterhead, etc. from Hatteras Printing through their online order form or call Marketing & Public Affairs for design specifics at 313-993-1254.