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Best Practices: Promoting a Successful UDM Event

To promote a successful event at UDM, let UDM University Services help you reserve a place and set up your event, then promote your program.

Contact University Services

UDM policy requires contacting University Services for reserving a space.  University Services will also help you with contacting other areas of UDM needed to host a successful event.

Create your event website/web page

When creating your website/page, make sure you have gathered or generated all the images,links, or content you will need.

Here are two helpful examples of how to construct an event website/page.

Contact UDM Marketing & Public Affairs (MPA)

Let us know about your event.  We may be able to help you promote it!

MPA phone: 313-993-1254

If your event will require a professional photographer, you will need to submit a Photography Request Form.

If you are promoting a large marketing campaign here some steps you will need to take.

Submitting your event

Send your event information to the UDM Event Calendar and the Campus Connection newsletter: