Best Practices: Promoting a Successful Event

To promote a successful event at Detroit Mercy, let University Services help you reserve a place and set up your event, then promote your program.

Contact University Services

Detroit Mercy policy requires contacting University Services for reserving a space.  University Services will also help you with contacting other areas of Detroit Mercy needed to host a successful event.

Create your event website/web page

When creating your website/page, make sure you have gathered or generated all the images,links, or content you will need.

  • Option A: Create the website/page on your own
  • Option B: Use an online event calendar page for your web page.  Submit event information for online calendar.
  • Option C: You can seek the assistance of the MPA office. If you opt for option C, you will still need to have all the information stated above, submitted at least two weeks prior the event date.

Contact Detroit Mercy Marketing & Public Affairs (MPA)

Let us know about your event.  We may be able to help you promote it!

MPA phone: 313-993-1254

If your event will require a professional photographer, you will need to submit a Photography Request Form.

If you are promoting a large marketing campaign here some steps you will need to take.

  • Decide if you need a press release created for local/national media.
  • Decide if you will need a video posted on the web. The marketing department does not provide video services, however, they will need to know wether you will utilizing video online after the event.
  • Will you need to use social media on a large scale (ie. web ads)? Will you just be using it on a smaller scale, such as Facebook posts, or twitter?

Submitting your event

Send your event information to the Detroit Mercy Event Calendar and the Campus Connection newsletter: