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Best Practices for Cascade Troubleshooting

A. Most common Cascade Publisher issues

If you see errors in you Cascades Server published webpage please consider the following o resolve the issues.

1. Internal vs. External Links

Any internal pages/files/images need to be linked internally. If any name (URL) or location change happens in a page, Cascade will automatically change all associated internal links as well. Any links used externally will be broken.


2. Cascade Folder Structure/URL

When publishing a set of changes to “Page A”, be sure to publish not only that page, but any other page associated with “Page A”, whether in navigation or any link inside “Page A” itself.

When naming folders ("system name"), use lower case letters with no spaces between words. If possible, use one word for every folder- the shorter, the better. Use hyphens between words rather than underscores (- rather than _). Google Analytics would rather show hyphens.

*Redirects can be provided by the Marketing and ITS departments upon request.

http://udmercy.edu/cost Redirects to:

When naming page, there is no preference of upper or lower case letters. As with files (images, .pdfs), no spaces. Stay away from characters such as '&', ':', '+', etc. Any spaces in the name of the document will be read as a percentage in the URL. Be sure that the file type shows so that the server can read the document properly.

3. Google Search and UDM

When using the search box on the top of any page, understand that the results are controlled by Google.com, not the University. If a link does not work in the search, there has been a change in the site not recognized by Google. Changes may take up to a month to be recognized by any search engine in general.

4. Browser behavior

If your version of the browser is not current, you may see differences in the way the page appears. Please be sure to update the browser that you use the most, before contacting Marketing for our assistance.

Browser updates:

Internet Explorer: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/internet-explorer/downloads/ie-9/worldwide-languages
Mozilla Firefox: http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/

When publishing a page in Cascade, refresh the browser to see changes.

5. Cascade Publisher Queues

When you publish in Cascade your work will be saved as a "job" by the publisher. Two current jobs can be published at one time. Any other jobs will be in the "Queued Jobs" until there is space available to publish. After you see your job disappear from the screen refresh the browser again to see any changes.

To View "Publisher Queue":

B. File formatting for Web/Print projects

1. When submitting projects to MPA, please use the following formats:

2. Webpage changes/ Print document text file types:

3. Web/Print Preliminary draft design specifications:

C. Internal vs External Event Calendar