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We may or may not use all the information, but provide it anyway. Please be creative (we don't want all the responses to sound the same), but be brief -- one or two sentences will usually be sufficient.

Please answer all questions in sentence form!!

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1. Your Full Name*
2. Detroit Mercy Phone Number*
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4. How long have you been at Detroit Mercy, and what did you do before you came here?
5. Are you a UDM alumnus (if so, what did you study and when did you graduate)?
6. What is your area of responsibility? (geographic area / type of student, etc.0)
7. What do you like best about UDM?
8. What are the two most important things new students should know about UDM?
9. What is UDM's best kept secret?
10. Why would you send your own child to UDM?
11. What motivates you in your work on a daily basis?
12. What do you do in your free time?
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