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UDM: Ivory Tower or Yeast?

Is a university campus an ivory tower, where campus life is cut off from the life of the city around it? Or is it yeast in the rising dough of urban life? It's a good question. To some extent, universities must protect their boundaries: to ensure the safety of students and faculty and staff and visitors; to maintain an environment where serious research and teaching can go on without too much disruption. But too much emphasis on orderly campus life can quietly erode the university's reason for existence. Universities need to engage the world.

The Wide World:

A university by its nature opens to a wider world than its own on-campus culture. Research can be local in focus, as many of UDM's research projects are, but it is always global in nature, depending as it does on critical review by scholars in world wide disciplinary communities.

The World of Metro Detroit and Southeast Michigan

It is no surprise that our student body reflects the demography of Southeast Michigan more than it does any single section of the metropolitan area. Nor is it a surprise that many of our programs focus on the challenges facing Metropolitan Detroit.

A UDM Advantage

Like any urban university, UDM has an advantage here. UDM lives in the city of Detroit. Our three campuses are within the city limits; our research, teaching and civic commitments extend to the outer reaches of Metropolitan Detroit. Our parking lots fill and empty day and night as students and faculty flow onto and back out from campus into the larger world. We are urban through and through. It is not possible to attend UDM and not realize that the world is bigger than you are, that not all people are like you. UDM's campus experience makes the increasingly diverse and global nature of life tangible and unavoidable. It might be possible to graduate from UDM and not encounter any of our urban oriented academic programs but it would not be easy.

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